Are Dab Rigs Or Honey Straw Dab Pen Better?

As more and more states in the US legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use, making these products are widely available.

A wide variety of vaping accessories are emerging to meet the demand. The experience varies from tool to tool. In this article, RELEAFY will recommend two of the most common products, dab rigs, and honey straw dab pens, so you can learn about their differences and choose the right tool for your needs.

RELEAFY Honey Straw Dab Pen & Enail Dab
RELEAFY Honey Straw Dab Pen & Enail Dab

Do you know what dab rigs are?

This is a bong designed primarily for dab, it is a relatively large and complex product with a percolator and water filtration system that is used to filter out any harmful substances. dab rigs are made up of two parts, the body, and the nail, and usually also require a water attachment, a nail (to hold the extract), and a mouthpiece. dab rigs come in a variety of styles and prices, some are very cheap Some are cheap, and others reach collectible value.

Do you know how to use dab rigs?

Before using dab rigs, you need to fill the water attachment with water, then heat your nails, wait for it to reach a certain temperature, then use the dab tool to place the extract on top and let it evaporate, you then slowly inhale the vapor through the nozzle. dab rigs require more tools and the procedure is more complicated, plus some of them are quite large, so they are generally more suitable for home operation.

What do you know about the benefits of dab rigs?

  • Dab rigs release the extracts completely and can give you real pleasure. The main thing is that it effectively vaporizes the extracts and then retains their strong flavor. Not only does it produce a strong flavor, but it also doesn’t leave your throat feeling burnt, although you need to stick to a relatively low temperature.
  • Dab rigs come with a carbohydrate cap that is self-regulating and able to determine the intensity of flavor depending on how much extract you place on the nail.
  • Another advantage of dab rigs is that they can meet the needs of a wide range of people. It comes in many different shapes, sizes, and prices. You can choose the shape, size, etc. according to your preferences; likewise, you can choose a product with a high or low price according to your wealth.

Do you know what honey straw dab pens are?

The honey straw dab pen is a portable applicator tube that consists of a mouthpiece, body, and tip, where the mouthpiece is removable; the body is straight and slimmer and more compact than dab rigs.

Honey straw dab pens can be heated either by batteries or directly from an external heat source.

Do you know how to use honey straw dab pens?

Before using honey straw dab pens, the extract is first placed on a lightly tapped tray, then the tip of the collector is heated and when it becomes hot, the tip is placed on the extract and the vapor is finally inhaled through the nozzle as the extract evaporates.

What do you know about the benefits of honey straw dab pens?

  • Honey straw dab pens are small and light, and easy to carry. They are easy to take with you on your travels and business trips and can be used anywhere, anytime.
  • Honey straw dab pens are simple and easy to use. For newcomers, honey straw dab pens are easier to use with fewer steps and a special spill-proof design that allows you to quickly master how to use them with a greater sense of achievement and experience.
  • Honey straw dab pens are very easy to clean. Compared to dab rigs, they are smaller and have fewer parts, so cleaning is easy and convenient. The cleaner they are, the better they will taste.
RELEAFY Slidr honey straw dab pen

Both dab rigs and honey straw dab pens are favorite tools for flickers. When you are choosing between these two tools, take a look at the analysis above and make the best judgment based on your preferences.

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