Best Dab Accessories Bring the Best Dabbing Experience

Christmas is coming, will you have a relaxing holiday? During the Christmas and New Year holidays, RELEAFY hopes you can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing dabbing experience。 In order to bring you a better dabbing experience, we provide you with some dab accessories & dab tools to help you improve your dabbing experience.

Dab tool

A dabbing tool is essential tool when dabbing.

The dab tool is generally made of stainless steel, and the dab tool knife on the market also has materials such as ceramics, titanium, and glass.

Purpose of the dab tool

THC concentrates come in a variety of materials and textures after they’re made, from a crystalline state to a viscous oil.

When you buy a whole box of concentrates, you need a dab tool to help you manipulate and cut concentrates of various textures, so you can better control the dosage of THC concentrates.

THC concentrate

Factors to consider when choosing a dab tool

  • Design of the dab tool

The tip and shape of the dab tool and its maneuverability will make all the difference to your dabbing moments.

The tip of the dab tool is divided into fixed and rotatable.

If the tip is fixed:

It can be very hard for you to hold the dab tool and use it to cut the concentrate if the tip and the pen are not in the proper direction after the worker finishes assembling.

The tip is rotatable:

The 360°rotatable tip allows you to adjust freely the angle of cutting the concentrate, which is more labor-saving and comfortable.

360° cutter tip
  • Dab tool tip can only cut & the tip can be heated

The tip can only be cut, and can be used for cutting the crystal-like THC concentrate, which can avoid excessive THC concentrate from sticking to the tip of the dab tool and causing waste;

The tip of the dab tool can be heated to easily cut thick or very hard THC concentrates, and after cutting, you can turn on the heating function to drop the concentrate stuck on the tip into your dab pen chamber or dab rig, avoiding waste.

  • Versatility

In order to expand the use of the dab tool, increase its value of dab tool. Many dab tools have begun to have 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 functions.

2-in-1 is common, dab tool adds a carb cap. Popular at marketing.

A 3-in-1 dab tool is even more exciting, because in addition to the dab tool cutting the THC concentrate, there is a heater tip to heat the dry herb, and it can also be used as a battery pole for the 510 cartridges. Multi-function within one dab tool.

RELEAFY Trinity 3-in-1 dab tool
RELEAFY Trinity 3-in-1 dab tool
  • Portability

Maybe not everyone will take the portability factor into consideration when initially choosing a dab tool.

Some dab tools have handles or battery stems that are too long to fit in your pocket or in the box with your dab pen.

  • Dab frequency

The frequency of tapping determines your requirements for the dab tool material. If you experience tapping a lot, a durable dab tool, such as one with a stainless steel tip or a titanium tip, will suit you better. Dab tools with ceramic & glass tips may crack and cause cuts.

  • Price

Price is definitely one of the factors you should consider when choosing a dab tool.

The dab tool or dab tool kit price ranges from $6-$60. Depending on the material and function, there will be different prices.

RELEAFY Trinity 3-in-1 dab tool is $29.9. Click here to learn more details.

Glass mouthpiece

Glass mouthpieces are one of the dab accessories that allow you to increase the purity of your steam.

You can replace the rig with your favorite RELEAFY dab pen device connected to a glass mouthpiece filled with water, so you can precisely control the dab pen temperature and get delicious steam.

Torch with glass accessory

Connect the hose

Many cannabis concentrate users already have their favorite dab rig devices, and RELEAFY also wants to provide these users with a good dabbing experience. So we designed connect hose, so you can still use your dab rig. The connect hose is compatible with 14mm & 18mm dab rigs. The most important thing is that the silicone is heat-resistant and non-stick THC concentrate, so you don’t have to worry about the waste of THC concentrate, which is a very good combination of functions in the dab experience.

how to use connect hose on RELEAFY dab pens

Chamber coil

A clean Chamber coil is one of the conditions for you to get a better dabbing experience. Don’t overload the chamber, or you will run the risk of clogging and/or excess concentrates melting and leaking – you won’t get a good vaping experience, and doing so will shorten the life of the chamber and make cleaning difficult. RELEAFY suggested replacing the coil once a month.

ceramic coil vs quartz coil

Best dab accessories can bring you the best dabbing experience, be sure to check the quality before buying any dab tool or dab accessories. RELEAFY hopes that a good dabbing experience will bring more joy to your Christmas holiday.

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