Can Police Dogs Smell Dab Pens?

The sense of smell of our beloved canine friends is extremely acute, and it is said to have over 300 million olfactory receptors in its nose, 10,000 times more sensitive than that of a human nose.

With a nose capable of detecting one in a trillion gases, they assist in a variety of occupations.

Police dogs can be found at airports, train stations, and various checkpoints where security checks are needed. since the nose of police dogs is so sensitive, many dab pen users will want to ask, can they smell the dab pen?

police dog

Are police dogs able to smell the dab pen?

Before police dogs are sent out on a mission, they are trained in specific scents, and after a certain amount of training, they can sniff out a variety of substances.

If the dab pen contains certain substances that are used by police officers to train police dogs, then no matter how many means you use to cover up the odor contained in the dab pen, there is no way to succeed.

That’s because police dogs are trained to recognize two – five or so substances and can do a good job of distinguishing any odor from a mixture of odors. That’s when you can understand that the nose of police dogs is very sensitive.

So, the answer to whether police dogs can smell a dab pen is: YES.

Police dogs smell the corresponding smell signs

Police dogs are trained to respond to scents they find. When their owner gives a command, police dogs will alert their owner through a series of actions or various cues after a certain amount of time looking for and recognizing a specific scent.


  1. Will use their noses to keep rubbing in the corresponding areas.
  2.  Will sit directly in the corresponding area and wait for the arrival of their owners.
  3.  Willst and up their ears directly and stand in the corresponding area.
  4.  More will directly dig the corresponding area with claws.

Voice: Will alert their owners directly by barking furiously.

police dog smell dab pen

How do police dogs smell the dab pen?

We are curious about how police dogs can find the dab pen flavor from thousands of flavors, and we can learn more about the physiological structure of police dogs in these aspects.

Olfactory receptors: As we mentioned in the beginning, police dogs have more than 300 million olfactory receptors. When police dogs are exposed to each odor, many of them are connected to the olfactory lobe nerves in the brain, and the olfactory lobe stores these odors in the brain.

Specific shape and function of the sense of smell: police dogs have a unique fold of tissue in their nostrils that allow them to smell and breathe separately. When they exhale, air escapes through the gap in their nose, causing the air to swirl and bring in new odors. By repeating this, police dogs can constantly smell and differentiate between scents.

Large brain capacity: the brains of police dogs are also incredible. Their brain development system can analyze scents, and then connected with a superb memory bank and brain capacity, police dogs can combine a specific scent with a specific environment and make a judgment.

Enail dab pen

So as long as your dab pen contains the smell and the outside air has some contact, these tiny smells can also be smelled by police dogs.

Whether you hide the dab pen in a sealed plastic or a vacuum-sealed bag, as long as your hands have touched the dab pen, when the residual trace of dab pen elements on your hands is exposed to the air, they can be found by police dogs.

When you carry a dab pen outside, you need to be extra careful. There is no way to tell if police dogs have trained on the substances contained in the dab pen, and there is no way to tell from anywhere else.

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