Ceramic Coil vs Quartz Coil For Dabbing, Pros and Cons of Each

When choosing a dab pen, one of the most frequently asked questions by users is which type of coil the device supports. What is the difference between a quartz coil and a ceramic coil?

Next, RELEAFY analyzes the pros and cons of quartz coils and ceramic coils for users and helps users choose the suitable coil for dabbing enjoyment.

Appearance differences: There are obvious physical differences in the appearance of quartz coils and ceramic coils.

The quartz coil has a quartz rod inside, but the ceramic coil does not. The interior of the ceramic coil is relatively smooth, and there are many small pores on the quartz coil.

Ceramic coil

RELEAFY Torch 2.0 Ceramic coil
RELEAFY Torch 2.0 Ceramic coil

Pros of ceramic coils:

  • Long life
  • Great taste, ceramic coil for a purer taste
  • Good thermal insulation, ceramic can hold heat very well
  • Slow heating, not easy to choke for the user
  • Ceramic coils are suitable for low to high-viscosity oils

Cons of ceramic coils

  • Temperature control is less precise
  • Little vapor clouds
  • The heating speed is slow, and the ceramic coil needs at least 10s-15s to heat up

Suitable for:

It is very suitable for low-temperature dabbing, and those who pursue good taste can choose ceramic coil

Quartz coil

RELEAFY Torch 2.0 quartz coil
RELEAFY Torch 2.0 quartz coil

Pros of Quartz coil

  • Fast heating, only 5S can be heated, and the cooling time is short.
  • Huge steam, adding concentrates can bring huge clouds of steam
  • The Popular, quartz coil can be said to be the most commonly used heating coil for most dabbing equipment

Cons of Quartz coil

  • Poor thermal insulation, not very good thermal insulation
  • Constant high temperatures can cause the coil to crack
  • Large vapor clouds may cause choking
  • There are many small holes in the quartz, so it has a great influence on the taste.

Suitable for:

  1. Suitable for high temperature, word suction
  2. Not suitable for low viscosity oils
  3. Cloud chasers usually stick to quartz because of its strong punch and a fast heat-up time

Whether you are using it for personal use or giving it to friends and relatives, or looking for a high-quality dab pen supplier, you can contact RELEAFY.


How often should the atomizing coil be replaced?

—Don’t overload the chamber, or you will run the risk of clogging and/or excess concentrates melting and leaking – you won’t get a good vaping experience, and doing so will shorten the life of the chamber and make cleaning difficult. RELEAFY suggested replacing the coil once a month

How to clean the atomizing coil?

—-Clean with alcohol and cotton swabs.

How often should the atomizing coil be cleaned?

—-RELEAFY recommends cleaning it after each use to maintain a good taste. If you are busy, you can clean it once a week.

The price range of atomizer coils?

—-The price of atomizing coils on the market ranges from 2.5/pcs-19.5/pcs according to the material and coil size.

What kind of coil is used in RELEAFY’s dab pen?

—-Slidr nectar collector with quartz coil

  Torch 2.0 dab pen with quartz coil and ceramic coil together

  Glow 2-in-1 enail dab pen with quartz coil

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