How to Dab Without Torch?

As dabs become very popular, more and more manufacturers of dab pen products are developing more advanced and user-friendly ways to quickly vaporize our favorite concentrates.

Traditionally, dabbing involves the use of a dab rig, a specialized tube that contains nails where the concentrate is placed.

Heating the nails with a butane torch to a very high temperature instantly turns the concentrate into steam.

Although this is the traditional application method, the market now offers a variety of application methods that do not require the use of a torch.

Not to mention, there are plenty of reasons why dabbers might want to avoid settings that involve the torch.

Traditional spreads require the use of a butane torch because it is hotter than a standard lighter and the concentrates inherently have a higher boiling point, so they require temperatures above 400 degrees.

Glow Enail Dab Pen

Even so, not everyone is enthusiastic about a routine involving such a heavy heat source.

Reasons why torches may be unpopular include:

  1. Safety issues: Of course, using extremely hot flames is dangerous. Also, there’s nothing wrong with being nervous about using a torch, especially if you’re a regular person who lights up a flashlight a lot.
  2. Maintenance: The flashlight needs regular replenishment of butane as this is its source of heat. The process of refilling the torch is rather tedious, and understandably not all dabbers simply wish to incorporate this ritual into their daily lives.
  3. Lack of temperature control: Perhaps the most common disadvantage of using a butane torch to heat your dabs is its inconsistency.

Most dabbers have a “sweet spot,” the temperature where all the qualities they want to come together.

With a flashlight, you simply can’t guarantee that you’ll get to the same temperature again and again, as variables like how long you’ve been exposed to heat and how close you are to the core of your nail can have a huge impact on the temperature your nail will reach.

What if your flashlight didn’t replenish the butane in time, or your flashlight malfunctioned, but you still want to enjoy the wax?

There are two main approaches: an analog setup with an alternative heat source or an electronic setup that handles the temperature control for you. 

Option #1: Stovetop Heat

*If you insist on continuing with the analog heating device approach, you can try the stovetop heating method, although this can be more dangerous and unstable than a flashlight, so most people will actually find this method disappointing.

*If using a dab rig, you will need to clamp the nail in a pair of pliers and place it directly over the flame until it turns red.

*If you’re using a honey straw dab pen, you’ll need to clamp the container right over the tongs, but consider whether the material will burn off.

But, this method can be dangerous, and there’s a good chance you won’t get the right temperature, so you could scorch your concentration or not reach the temperature you want.

Option #2: Desktop Power Enail

Benchtop electric dab rigs aren’t portable, but they offer far more advanced features than most nail art and dab pens.

They’re larger dab rig setups that run entirely electronically, have a variety of temperature options, and many are Bluetooth-enabled so you can make adjustments without touching the device.

They come in different sizes or use enrichment chambers, barrels, or both.

Option #3: Electronic Dab Pen

Electronic dab pens are a godsend for people who don’t like to use a torch.

Because the internal technology allows the chamber to reach the right heat level without having to manually heat it with the torch yourself.

It doesn’t have any open flame hazard and no butane to replenish. These dab devices maintain a precise temperature, so you don’t have to worry about finding the sweet spot every time you vape.

Option #4: Use enail (recommended method)

Enail certainly offers the easiest way to tap.

Enail are devices powered by an electric control box, and the wax is heated by a quartz or ceramic heating core.

You can then add the concentrate to the heating core, turn on the heating mode, and draw in the resulting steam through the rig.

This method is closest to using a real butane torch, but is safer: the heated coils and nails are much less likely to catch fire if used safely. Here is the tuition video below:

Enail Tutorial Video | Enjoy at home and on-the-go

You can find more information about Enail here.

No torch? no problem!

Once you’re familiar with the above alternatives, heating up a dab rig without a flashlight is actually pretty simple. Dabbing the device doesn’t have to rely on a torch – your creativity matters more here.


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