How To Heat Nail Without Torch?

Many dabbing enthusiasts are used to scooping up cannabis concentrate and putting it on the nails and heating the nails with a tool to filter the steam through the water in the dab rig, you can taste it by putting your lips on the mouthpiece of the rig and inhaling pure cannabis concentrate vapor.

Heated tools are usually heated with a butane lighter/torch/ or spray gun.

But how do you heat a Nail when you go out without a torch or fear that the gas from the spray gun will affect the smell of the steam?

How to Dab Without Torch

Abandoning complicated materials and operation steps, we can try the following 2 methods to heat Nails.

1. Use the stove

If you have a gas or electric stove at home and tongs, you can take your nail off the dab rig, pick it up with tongs and place it on the stove to heat it up, after about 3-5 minutes put the nail into the On the dab rig, scoop a little of the concentrate onto the nail to start your dabs.

While this method is almost zero cost and convenient, it takes a while for the nails to get hot to the right temperature. The temperature is also inconsistent across the nail, which also means you may need to stay in the kitchen to dab.

2. Use Enail

If you don’t want to use an open flame, Enail is the most convenient and quickest option. The quartz core chamber in the Enail dab pen can be directly added to cannabis concentrate and has multiple temperature control functions, you can plug the Enial dab pen into the dab rig after turning on the switch, and can pass the smoke on the top of the enail dab pen Control buttons to adjust, very simple and easy to operate. The battery of the enail dab pen can be used for a long time after charging. The most important thing is that the 2-in-1 enail can also be used directly as a dab pen. It has multiple functions and is not expensive. RELEAFY’s 2-in-enail dab pen is now only $69.9.


Not recommended method:

1. Put the nail in the microwave. Nails are mostly made of glass, and if they are heated in a microwave oven, they are likely to shatter directly.

2. Use health stones. The main health benefit of the health stone is that it is inert, which means it does not release any chemicals or gases when heated. However, quartz, ceramic, glass, and even medical-grade and seasoned titanium nails are inert. The health stone is essentially the same as the nail and needs to be heated with a torch. Health Stones cannot be used without torches or lighters.

If dabbing becomes your life habit, you can use simple tools and creativity without a lighter or torch to make it heat nail easy and convenient for you to enjoy dabbing life.

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