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Traditional cannabis consumption is typically through rolled cigarettes, water pipes, empty cigars, and edible products.


However, a new way to manage marijuana has emerged, called dabs.

Dabbing has become a very popular trend, the age range of dab-lovers includes trendy young adults over 21+ and seasoned cannabis consumers over 50+.

 Its advent allows us to enjoy cannabinoids and terpenes like never before, they have an amazing level of potency from the concentrated nature of waxes and other spreads, coupled with a flash evaporation process that can only be achieved with certain types of equipment.

For a long time, dabs were just an attempt at analog, relying on traditional dab device setups, but today’s market offers a wealth of vaporizer devices specifically for waxes and other concentrates.

Whether you’re just curious about dabbing, or interested in using it for medical management, learn about the pros and cons of dabs to decide whether you need to try it.

dabbing with 2-in-1 enail Glow


  • Less irritating

Reduces the risk of lung damage associated with traditional smoking.

When you ignite marijuana with a flame, the chemical process that turns the weed into smoke is called burning. THC vapor is produced by smoking and applying heated oils or concentrates. So, the most important difference between using a portable vaporizer and pumping dry herbs is the actual substance that consumers inhale: steam versus smoke. As we all know, the sensation of steam is far less intense than that of smoke. If you have a strong cough while using a traditional dab rig device or feel uncomfortable in your lungs afterward, dabbing can be a very popular alternative with less impact on the throat and lungs.

  • More covert

Almost odorless produces small traces, and fumes dissipate quickly.

The dab pen doesn’t look much different than the standard vaping device used for nicotine vaping, which means using it when you’re out and about doesn’t know what you’re consuming. Additionally, they produce fewer “traces” than dab rigs, the vapors are thinner and dissipate faster, while they produce significantly less odor.

  • Adjustable (temperature & voltage)

One of the most popular features of dab pens is that they are adjustable. Use temperature adjustment or voltage adjustment to adjust the temperature to your liking and be suitable, you don’t need to repeat debugging the next time you turn it on. A dab pen features power efficiency, flavor-enhancing properties, or functional adjustments that affect the potency of compounds in the product.

  • No torch heating is required

With a vaporizer, you don’t need a flashlight at all. This immediately reduces the dangers of using such a device, as a butane flashlight is definitely a risk if you’re not careful.

  • Portable

It is undeniable that portable crayons are one of the biggest advantages of dabs, most of the pens on the market can fit in your pocket and basically, you can carry them around instead of the more fragile, bulky, and conspicuous dab devices, And it requires extra accessories, connecting wires, etc. When transporting from the local area, you must also consider whether these accessories will be broken and cause more trouble.

  • All in one

Many vaporizer devices feature compatibility with wax, oil, and dried flowers, connecting with a glass/silicone hose/or other else, it making them highly versatile and all-in-one, while still being portable and easy to maintain.

Portable dab pen-Slidr


  •  Requires an understanding of the operational capabilities of the dab products.

To operate a dab pen, you need to learn how to operate it and adjust the temperature. Don’t worry about this, almost all dab pens always come with a manual, and cleaning tools are included in the accessories to make the process of operation and cleaning as smooth and simple as possible.

  •  Repair and after-sale service after failure.

Any electronically powered device can fail from time to time and parts may need to be replaced.

So you need to know whether the dab pen manufacturer provides a warranty period, as well as the warranty period and the conditions of the warranty/replacement.

  • Pay attention to the dosage and frequency of use of the concentrate to avoid side effects.

If the oil used for smearing is not produced to a very high standard, the butane content can be high, which can cause damage.

Some people are allergic to butane and other toxins contained in hash oil. Others experience side effects from the tap, including rapid heartbeat, loss of consciousness, skin tingling, paranoia, and hallucinations. So be sure to build up a tolerance for the concentration before dabbing it and enjoying it.

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