Should You Share Your Dab Pen?

There has always been a culture of sharing in the marijuana consumer world. Family or friends share attention and discuss tastes, experiences, and opinions.

But this sharing culture didn’t spread to a dab pen. So will the sharing of dab pens be taboo or will it be widely spread? 

Generally speaking, people only share their dab pen with family members or close friends. The most common reason people are willing to share their dab pen is because of the appreciation of the function and experience of the dab pen.

Another reason in favor of sharing a dab pen is because it is like giving out skin care product samples or food for a free trial experience.

They can try this dab pen bought by others. If they don’t like this dab pen, they don’t need to spend any extra money to buy a dab pen. Avoid the hassle of not liking it that ends up leading to a return.

dab pen social
dab pen social

Of course, there are also many people who are reluctant to share their dab pen with others.

Because the function of the dab pen can be adjusted, everyone has different preferences for temperature and atomizing core.

After your dab pen is shared with others, the original temperature setting of the dab pen may be tampered with, which may affect your own dabbing experience.

And if you share your dab pen with others, and they cause damage to the dab pen due to mishandling, and increase the speed of marijuana consumption, this behavior is likely to put your relationship at risk.

Especially when the COVID-19 virus has not been completely eliminated in recent years, sharing a dab pen with others is likely to increase the risk of infection, because your hands and mouth are in contact with the shared equipment.


According to a report by researchers at Stanford University:

Although youth are at a relatively lower risk of contracting COVID-19 compared with older adults, given the proportion of youth using e-cigarettes [ 8 ], youth e-cigarette and cigarette use may pose an important risk factor for COVID-19.

If someone around you wants to share your dab pen with you, and you are afraid of germs & germs, you can try the following measures:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with a cleaning solution before and after sharing the dab pen.
  • Before sharing your dab pen with others, wipe the dab pen and mouthpiece with alcohol spray or alcohol wipes, and then share the dab pen with others. And use alcohol spray or alcohol wipes to wipe again after the other party finishes using it. This will not cause misunderstanding and resentment from others.
  • Don’t dab in a crowd or dabbing in groups.
  • If you have to share in a social situation, you can bring an extra dab pen.
wash hands

Should You Share Your Dab Pen?

RELEAFY still advises friends NOT to share dab pens, use your own dab pen and keep cleaning frequently, in order to protect your health and safety.

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