The Pros And Cons Of An Enail Dab

Enail, or “electronic nail,” is a godsend for users who want to experience concentrates in a more controlled way.

An alternative to traditional analog dab rigs, the e-nail uses an internal power source to operate the nails, heating the nails to the same temperature each time. This way, you don’t need to light a torch to heat it up, but plug it in to heat it up, just like you would with any dabbing device.

Enail is easier to use and offers more reliability, but they’re not for everyone.

They produce a huge heat amount, which means you could seriously injure yourself if you’re not careful.

There are two most common enail on the market now: desktop enail and portable enail. RELEAFY provides you with the pros and cons of the two enail styles so that you can compare and choose the product that suits you.


Pros of Desktop Enail:

  • Can be dabbing a lot of times: The larger the electronic nail, the more product you can fit on your nail at one time. If you like long dabs, you might like this feature. You don’t have to apply the concentrate on your nails as often.
  • More power: Desktop Enails tend to offer higher output capabilities due to the ability to fit larger batteries. The more steam, the stronger the blow, and the stronger the effect from the concentrate.
  • More functions: many desktop enails have a wider range of output settings and can be customized to suit your needs.

Cons of Desktop Enail:

  • There are a lot of accessories and you need to find a place to charge to use it, and it is not portable when you go out
  • Expensive, the desktop enail can also be very expensive due to its variety of constructions and materials. If you’re just starting out with dabs, probably start with a smaller and less expensive enail.
  • Requires the ability of the operator to control temperature.
  • Dangerous accidents may occur due to improper handling or broken glass
  • Maintenance and cleaning: Desktop enails are expensive, as will material replacements. Large size and inconvenient to clean.

Pros of Portable Enail:

  • Portable: Small in size, you can take it with you, travel or socialize anytime, anywhere, rip on the go.
  • Affordable: Portable enail tends to be affordable for dabbing enthusiasts.
  • Functionality: Many portable enails have 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 functionality. Free choice of usage: tap or enable with glass rig.
  • Temperature regulation: temperature control is more precise.
  • Safety: Because of its small size, and the body material of the portable enail is mostly aluminum alloy or steel, it is not easy to break.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: Low maintenance cost, small size, and easier cleaning.
2-in-1 portable enail

Cons of Portable Enail:

  • With fewer dabs, you can’t apply as much concentration to your nails each time, which means if you’re a heavy applicator, you’ll probably need to reapply at least once during your application.
  • The power is small, compared with the desktop enail.
  • Needs to be recharged and ready to enjoy when you regularly charge your enail pen. But if you forget to bring the charger when you go out or have not charged it for a long time, if you want to enjoy it immediately, you need to charge your enail pen first.


No matter which style of enail you choose, you can count on a way to enjoy the concentration in a way that suits you better. Before buying, please be sure to weigh and consult customer service to decide which is more suitable for you.

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