The Pros And Cons Of Dabbing With Honey Straw Dab Pen

Have you ever tried using a honey straw dab pen for dabbing? The answer for many people is yes, and the use of honey straw dab pens for dabbing has become a popular trend.

RELEAFY will analyze the honey straw dab pen below.

What is the honey straw dab pen?

Honey straw dab pens are also called honey straws, electric portable straw dab pens, or penetrating tap straws.

The honey straw dab pen is a slim and compact stand-alone dabbing device as opposed to the previous dab devices. Primarily consisting of a heated tip device and a tray to put the tap into, where the heated tip is unique to the honey straw dab pen, this design allows one to vape highly concentrated and sticky cannabis extracts. The honey straw dab pen’s tips are also a factor in the experience; the tips are interchangeable, with the most popular being quartz and titanium at the moment.

a honey straw dab pen-RELEAFY Slidr

How To Use A Honey Straw Dab Pen In A Fun Way?

Using the honey straw dab pen is a simple and fun process.

Conventional heating

1. First fill the percolator of the honey straw dab pen with water and then assemble the whole honey straw dab pen tightly.

2. The tip of the honey straw dab pen is then heated evenly using a torch.

3. Finally, when the tip is heated to a certain level, the tip is then dipped directly into the highly concentrated extract for a perfect experience.

Electric heating (the most popular current trend)

1. First turn on the switch of the honey straw dab pen for preheating (a feature added to many products).

2. Then click the heating button for heating elements.

3. Finally heated to a certain level, the tip was similarly immersed in a high concentration of extract and dabbed.

The difference between these two ways mainly lies in the different ways of heating, but there is still no big difference in their principles.

RELEAFY Nectar Collector

Pros and Cons of using the Honey Straw Dab Pen


1. Portability: The portability of the honey straw dab pen is the most obvious, and you can take it with you anytime and anywhere for the experience. Whether you are on the go, at a party, or on a temporary break, you can carry it with you for vaping. Plus it’s slim and compact, so you can easily fit it into your bag without worrying about the storage capacity and the extensive installation process.

2. Convenience: The operation of the honey straw dab pen is simple and easy to understand. All that is required is to heat the tip and dip the tip into the highly concentrated extract for dabbing. With the development of technology, this operation process is being simplified to make aspiration more convenient.

3. Independence: The honey straw dab pen itself is a stand-alone dabbing device, unlike the previous dab devices that required other auxiliary tools for better vaping. It only needs a tip that can be heated and a tray to put the tap in from start to finish.

4. Smoky: The honey straw dab pen has a small percolator and a shorter vapor channel, and you immediately feel a very strong dabbing after the tip is dipped into the extract.

RELEAFY honey straw dab pen


  1. Lack of temperature control: The lack of temperature control on this site is mainly a disadvantage of the traditional honey straw dab pen. After heating through the torch, the temperature cannot be controlled when dipping into the extract for the first time, which can easily cause overheating and requires multiple operations to sense the optimal temperature. However, nowadays, electronic honey straw dab pens have been designed to control the temperature through a temperature control button, like SLIDR under the RELEAFY brand.
  2. Take time to cool down: the tip of the honey straw dab pen will remain hot for a long time after the experience, there is no way to store it immediately, you need to wait until the tip cools down before you can wait to carry out the collection. Likewise, if someone is interested in your honey straw dab pen, you need to be careful to avoid the tip when submitting the honey straw dab pen to avoid burns.

Here is a detailed KOL evaluation for reference: 

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