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Premium Vaporizer Brand
Design, manufactureand distribute premium and cost-effective vaporizer.

The value of cannabis is being recognized worldwide and gaining more and more popularity among the community. But to unleash its true power, people need superior products and solutions. We, a group of vaping experts with creative minds, who are unwilling to settle for anything imperfect, found RELEAFY striving to redefine the best consumption method for both concentrates and herb. We are committed to providing quality and innovative vaporizers for everyone, from beginners to connoisseurs, at the most accessible price.


Build a one-stop vaporizer platform for enjoyment of concentrates & herb.

RELEAFY aims at building a consumption platform with a full line of vaporizers and services that meet all different needs and preferences, providing a more pleasant enjoyment.


Open to Wholesale/retail, White Labeling, Private Labeling.

Backed by strong R&D capacity, manufacturing, and supply chains integration, we are capable of offering flexible partnership models.

20 +
talented engineers
10 +
years of experience
300 +
satisfying Collaborations
30 -
fast delivery

Feature Products

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Concentrates Vaporizer
Releafy Torch-Black
78013渲染 0330 01-1
Concentrates Vaporizer
Releafy Torch-Blue
78013渲染 0330 01-3
Concentrates Vaporizer
Releafy Torch-Silver

What can you expect from RELEAFY

We know how to do it right. RELEAFY was formed by a group of people who have been in the vaporizer industry for more than 10 years. We are familiar with the application of vaping technology on cannabis consumption.

We do all the research, design and manufacture on our own, backed by strong R&D capacity and rich manufacturing experience.

Quality is one of our core values. We keep it deep in mind and adhere to the highest quality standards throughout the entire process of production.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. We endeavor to bring the best experience we can offer to every customer, and listen to the community so as to improve our service.

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