510 Vape Mod Battery With Big Button

Uniq Features

510 Vape cartridge (not included in the kit)
Magnetic adapter
Big button area
UNIQ Function
UNIQ Function
UNIQ with 3 Style


Size: 62*35*1 5mm
Capacity: 480mAh
Charging Time: 1 Hour
Cartridge Compatibility: Diameters≤11.5mm & Resistance≥1.0ohm


UNIQ Package

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FAQ Before Customer Order RELEAFY UNIQ

A 510 thread vape battery refers to any battery with 510 threading which is the standard for most tanks and atomizers in the industry.

The 510 vape mod battery is designed to be used with oil cartridges

510 vape batteries are popularly preferred for oils owing to their portability, lightness, and simplicity of usage. Another benefit of 510 vape mods is that they can be used with a wide range of atomizers and cartridges.

510 thread battery devices can work with the majority of vape carts prefilled with oily concentrates, such as distillate, live resin, delta 8, HHC, so on.

Click twice the button to activate. Pre-heat function warms the vaping material before inhaling, which leads to better performance.

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