All-in-One E Portable Dab Straw Pen


Slidr Features


Two distinct heating modes cater to both flavor enthusiasts and cloud chasers: Flavor Mode at 3.2V and Cloud Mode at 3.8V.


The use of a food-grade stainless steel tube effectively separates the airflow from any electronic components, guaranteeing a pure flavor experience and safeguarding the device from vaporized concentrates.


Activate self-cleaning mode by sliding the switch four times consecutively, the device will automatically heat the coil for 30 seconds.



Our design includes a magnetic cap with an integrated ceramic storage jar, meaning all you need to carry is the SLIDR dab straw.

Slidr nectar collector
Slidr review-2
Slidr review-1
Slidr with concentrate


1* Micro USB Cable
1* Dab Tool
1* Cleaning Brush
1* User Manual

Would you like to use Slidr dab straw on a dab rig?

Slidr with Silicon hose

Connect hose

The connect hose is compatible with 14mm & 18mm dab rigs.

Glass Accessory

Take off the glass mouthpiece from Slidr devices and plug in the glass attachment.

Slidr with glass accessory

RELEAFY SLIDR Dab Straw Unboxing

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FAQ Before Customers Order RELEAFY SLIDR Dab Pen

Step 1: Remove the magnetic cap.

Step 2: Slide the switch to select flavor/cloud mode.

Step 3: Apply the Slidr pen to concentrates and inhale.

Note: Charge fully before using. Rip the sticker off the coil for first time use.

Slidr e-dab straw offers two output options, flavor mode and cloud mode, the voltages of which are 3.2V and 3.8V respectively.

Self-cleaning mode is designed to cleaning the quartz coil by heating it automatically, saving trouble of maintenance.

Slide the switch 4 times to engage self cleaning mode, the device will heat the coil for 30s automatically. Repeat if necessary until all the reclaim (leftover material) is vaporized.

We don’t recommend to do that as it might cause damage to the device.

That is the reminder for low voltage, you need to charge the device.

Below are more indicator codes for Slidr nectar collector:

  • Coil Connected: Red light solid for 1s
  • Switching Output Power: Red/green light solid for 1s  
  • Working: Light breathes in color of current battery life
  • Vaping Overtime (8s): 5 white light flashes
  • Charging: Light breathes in color of current battery life
  • Fully Charged: Light off
  • Short Circuit: 4 red light flashes
  • Open Circuit: 3 white light flashes

Slidr device accessories include micro USB cable, dab tool, cleaning brush, user manual.

The RELEAFY Slidr dab pen boasts a stylish appearance, a compact lightweight build, and an affordable price, making it a popular choice among beginners.

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