Why Was Your Electric Straw Dab Pen Tip Cracked?

In today’s technical series, RELEAFY dives into the details of tip cracks experienced by the electric straw dab pen during use.

When you’re going to enjoy dabbing time, you take out the electric straw dab pen you just bought, but when you use it, the tragedy of the tip cracking suddenly occurs.

The tip is the most important part of the electric straw dab pen as it is required to dip the tip into the concentrate and inhale from the nozzle to enjoy dabbing.

The tip is crucial in getting steam & flavor in the electric straw dab pen.

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Why Are You Electric Straw Dab Pen Cracked?

How to avoid chipping the tip of the electric straw dab pen?

Reasons why the tip is prone to chipping:

  • Material

There are three types of tips for the electric straw dab pen on the market: quartz tips, ceramic tips, and titanium tips

The tip made of quartz is the most popular on the market because it heats up quickly in 10s-15s, is pure in flavor, and also creates a cloud of vapor, but is not as durable as titanium. Cleaning is relatively easy, you can do self-cleaning or use a cotton swab with alcohol to complete the cleaning;

The tip made of ceramic has a heating time of 15s-20s, the smell is pure and the steam is big, and the durability is not as good as titanium and quartz. Cleaning can also be done with a cotton swab with alcohol;

The tip made of titanium is resistant to high temperatures, but the heating time is slow, it takes 15s-30s to heat up. And the titanium tip is less than ideal for flavor and vapor, and you may inhale the taste of metal when using it (and there is a possibility of heavy metals exceeding the standard). It’s also a hassle when cleaning, as residue from the concentrate can get stuck on metal surfaces.

nectar collector tip
Slidr electric straw dab pen chamber tip
  • Overheating of the tip

Most concentrates evaporate between 600 and 900 degrees Fahrenheit. If your electric straw dab pen tip is red, it is too hot.

But many users like to experience the thrill of high heat, and then turn the temperature to the highest and heat it for too long when using the tip. The tip also breaks when immersed in the concentrate in this condition

  • Wet the tip with water

When water drips into the heated electric straw dab pen tip, the water quickly evaporates and the tip shatters

  • The electric straw dab pen falls to the ground

This is the most common cause of chipping off the tip of an electric straw dab pen. When you use an electric straw dab pen and leave it on the table without a cap, the electric straw dab pen may fall off accidentally.

nectar collector

Tips and tricks to avoid electric straw dab pen tip chipping tips:

1. When choosing the electric straw dab pen, you must pay attention to the tip material, and choose the material you like to enjoy dabbing.

2. Pay attention to the tip heating temperature and time

Be careful not to overheat the tip. The glowing red tip means you’ve burned it too much. This can cause the tip to crack or cause heat to transfer to the joint. Excessive heating can also cause harmful substances to be produced when the concentrate is inhaled due to the high temperature.

So stop heating the moment you see the tip just starting to glow.

3. Avoid violent use of electric straw dab pen

After you are done using the electric straw dab pen, you can put the cap on to avoid falling problems. If you purchased an electric straw dab pen without a cap, you can put it on your dab pen holder.

nectar collector tip package
electric straw dab pen quartz chamber tip

When you know how to avoid tip chipping, using it carefully can help you use the electric straw dab pen for a long time and save you the time of re-selection of the electric straw dab pen and the cost of buying the electric straw dab pen.

Electric straw dab pens are fun for everyone who owns them, but you have to make sure they are well cared for or you’ll have to buy replacements.

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