Why Does My Dab Pen Get Hot?

If you have been using your dab pen for a while, you will notice that sometimes your dab pen gets hot.

When this happens, you may not be able to feel pure steam when inhaling and have a burning sensation in your throat or a burning taste in your mouth.

And, for example, the case of your dab pen can also be so hot that you can’t even touch it let alone enjoy the concentrate.

dab pen too hot

Q1: Why does the dab pen get hot when working?

A1: The working mode of the dab pen is to heat the cannabis concentrate at a high temperature to generate water vapor, and then enjoy it by inhaling the vapor. So the dab pen will get hot when working.

Q2: Where is the hot spot?

A2: Dab pen case, atomizing core. The atomizing core heats up to heat the concentrate, and the heat is conducted to the shell, so the shell will also heat up

Q3: The most common cause of heat


Accumulation of heat from prolonged use

The voltage setting is too high

Equipment needs cleaning

The quality of the thermal insulation material of the product

Q4: Will the short circuit of the battery cause the device to get hot?

A4: No, the battery short circuit device will not work.

Q5: Will the wear or poor contact of the atomizer cause the device to become hot?

A5: Poor contact of the atomizing core will not cause the device to become hot, and it will cause the device to not be able to inhale steam; the atomizing core will not continue to work if it is short-circuited, because the design of the product has short-circuit protection; there is no such thing as wear and tear of the atomizing core.

However, if the atomizing core is used for a long time and the cleaning is not in place, it will become dirty and affect the taste. Therefore, the atomizing core should be replaced after a period of time.


Let’s take a detailed look at the various causes of overheating

  • Use for a long time

Most dab users start out with small puffs. But the longer you vape, the longer you smoke. When you’re doing these long draws, it may require your device to apply too much power, causing it to overheat.

To address this common problem, RELEAFY recommends that you start with about 1-2 scoops of concentrate peruse. Of course, as you become more familiar with how the dab pen operates, you can increase the number and amount of concentrates used. But also remember: give your device a break every few minutes!

  • The voltage of the dab pen is set too high

Another reason a dab pen is prone to overheat is that the heating element is too hot.

The heating element in the device consists of housing and wires. The coil is located in the dab pen unit and is surrounded by a heating element connected to a battery or power source.

Because the coil and heating element are connected, the coil heats up and produces continuous heat. If this constant heating is prolonged (and the charge is too high), the heating element will eventually burn out or melt, causing the entire device to overheat.

Torch-working mode

So how to avoid this problem?

If you’re using a dab pen that has an adjustable temperature, just turn the temperature down a bit. The concentrate can be evaporated at temperatures as low as 400F. You can try starting with the lowest temperature setting and gradually increasing it.

If you’re in the market for a dab pen and are concerned about hot, harsh impacts, consider purchasing one that allows precise temperature control.

  • Keep your dab pen clean and tidy

If you haven’t cleaned your dab pen for weeks or even a month, you may notice that your device has started to overheat more easily and the steam has become less pure.

To help prevent this, make sure to clean regularly. This will help clear any accumulated debris from inside your dab pen.

Another part you need to pay attention to is the age of the battery. Old batteries can also cause your device to overheat. As your battery reaches its end of life, the voltage and amperage fluctuate until the battery no longer provides enough power. This inconsistent heating can cause your dab pen to overheat. When troubleshooting an overheated dab pen, consider replacing the battery if it has been a while.

  • Selection of thermal insulation materials

Insulation materials include insulation cotton, aerogel, and vacuum tube. This will make the dab pen less hot to the touch during use.

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5 tips to keep your dab pen from getting too hot

Keeping your dab pen cool is essential!

When the device starts to get too hot, it becomes more challenging to use, preventing you from enjoying the concentration well and possibly causing the hits to be harsher.

Here are 5 easy ways to keep your vape cool.

  • Give your dab pen a break

Overuse is the main culprit for overheating dab pens.

If you notice that your usage increases over time, it may be time to adjust how much you use your dab pen and opt for a dab pen with a larger battery.

  • Use a more appropriate dab pen temperature setting

In order to get the best steam and flavor when using the dab pen, the correct temperature must be set. This is because the temperature can greatly affect the taste of your dab pen and the amount of vapor you get from the device.

Using a vaporizer that is too hot will basically cook your e-liquid and cause it to lose its flavor and burnt taste. The best way to keep your dab pen cool is to invest in temperature-controlled equipment. This helps keep your dab pen cool by allowing owners to set their temperature preferences. As you become more familiar with the device, you can adjust it to your liking.

  • Tips for cleaning coils

Dirty coils are another culprit in vaping fever, just as your coils can get dirty.

The coil acts as a direct vaporizing power source for the liquid you want to vaporize. When these get dirty, they can cause inconsistent heating of the coils, eventually causing the device to overheat. A good coil cleaning regime is essential for every evaporator. Here’s a simple trick to help keep your coils clean. This article has instructions on how to clean up RELEAFY’s dab pen, for reference.

  • Choose a regular dab pen manufacturer

There are many styles of dab pen on the market now, and there are many suppliers of dab pen production. But not every dab pen manufacturer has its own production plant and R&D team, which means the diversification of dab pen materials and batteries. But this does not mean that the price of the dab pen will be too high to be paid. When choosing a dab pen, you must see whether the style of the dab pen meets the ROHS /pass the heavy metal certification, etc.

  • Keep away from sunlight and heat sources

To make your dab pen device last longer, always keep the atomizer away from other materials or heat sources. This includes the sun! Direct (contact) or indirect (sunlight) exposure to heat sources can damage your dab pen.

The most common contributor to this overheating is the sun, make sure to keep it inside or in the shade as much as possible. If not adequately protected, direct (or indirect prolonged exposure to the sun, as one has been living in a super hot climate) can quickly blow up a dab pen.

Armed with the knowledge in this article, you can now take good care of your dab pen and keep its parts working, even if you face serious problems.

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