How To Reduce The Smell Of Dabbing?

Marijuana use is legal in most parts of the United States for people over the age of 21.

But that doesn’t mean everyone gets excited about the smell of marijuana around.

If you don’t want your neighbors or family members to notice that you have a marijuana habit or you just want to protect your privacy, the following content on reducing dabbing smell and practices can be used for your reference.

Does the dabbing smell?

Yes, dabbing creates the scent.

As we all know, dabs are a form of consuming concentrated cannabis.

However, any form of concentrate, whether enail heated or inhaled through a dab pen, produces a unique smell.

dabbing smell

What flavor does the dabbing produce?

In addition to the hundreds of different cannabinoids in cannabis, different cannabis leaves have different terpenes.

Terpenes are natural compounds made by plants that produce a unique smell. So what the dab produces is the terpene flavor.

However, the smell of a dab won’t be as strong or lingering as the smoke you get from smoking indoors or burning marijuana flowers.

How can I reduce the smell of dabbing?

  • Reduce overall consumption

The best way to reduce smear odor is to reduce overall consumption. The less you dab, the less steam will be produced.

  • Open a window

Open a window to increase the air circulation in the room, and the fresh air will dissipate the smell from the steam.

  • Breathe out the window

Breathe the steam straight out of the window so the steam doesn’t collect in the room you’re in.

  • Light the candle

Lighting a candle is a great way to mask the smell, and you can add a drop or two of essential oil to the candle to enhance its scent of the candle.

  • Use Incense

Incense is another way to mask odors, as incense is also a scented smoke that smells stronger than a dab.

  • Spray air freshener

Spray the room with an air freshener after you’ve dabbed, the mild dab scent can easily be overwhelmed by the scent of the air cleaner

  • Turn on the bathroom fan if you use it in the bathroom

If you prefer to use the tap in the bathroom, turn on the bathroom fan to increase air circulation in the bathroom.


How can I reduce the dabbing smell produced on my hair and body?

If you don’t want a pat on your voice, breath, hair, or clothes when you speak, try the following:

  • To freshen your breath, the best options are stimulating gum, brushing your teeth, or mouthwash water.
  • Washing your hair or using a body spray or perfume is a great way to reduce the smell of your hair and clothes.
  • If for some reason you don’t want to disclose your marijuana consumption or marijuana use, dabs can be a good option.

Note, however, that the dab rig is not super portable or easy to operate, and the sound of using a flashlight and other tools may be noticeable to some people.

But if you’re just worried about keeping the smell out of your home, the scent of a dab will be nowhere near as good as smoke or burning flowers.

For those trying to reduce dabbing smell and sound, a dab pen may be a better and more discreet option. Since they fit in your pocket, you can take them with you and use them at your convenience.

RELEAFY welcomes comments if you have other ways to reduce the dabbing smell.


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