How to choose the dab tool?–The 2022 Year Guide for you

What is Dab Tool?

A dab tool, also known as a dab stick or dab, is a tool used to pick up any type of concentrate from a container and place it on your dab pen or enail to help you enjoy the concentrate as easily as possible.

Why use Dab Tool?

Concentrates vary in type and consistency, you may try different types of concentrates, and using the dab tool can help you smooth the operation and extract the concentrate without causing waste.

Since dabbing is a small amount to add the concentrate, the dab tool helps you pick up with precision so you don’t make a mess and keep your hands safe from hot enails. Especially for beginners in the world of smearing, these tools allow beginners to see how much product they’re dabbing.

dab tools

What are the types of Dab Tool?

All dab tools perform the same function, but they vary in size, material, and design.

Dab tools can be divided into glass, stainless steel, metal, titanium, silicone, etc.

Which concentrates are suitable for the different Dab Tools?

  • Stainless Steel dab tool

The most used and purchased tool on the market and the most practical tool.

Stainless steel dab tools are also divided into two types:

One is a spoon end only; the other is available on both ends, with a bit of a blade-like function at the tip to cut solid concentrates and break them into doses of the suitable size, and the other end can be used to scoop out concentrates spoon of the concentrate, scoop up the suitable amount of concentrate and put it in your dab pen.

stainless steel dab tool
  • Glass dab tool

One of the common dab tools, nice appearance, easy to clean but fragile. The round glass dab tool can make it difficult to obtain certain concentrates. The glass dab tool is suitable for softer and more viscous concentrates such as wax, bud, live rosin, and live resin.

  • Titanium dab Tools & Metal dab Tools

Titanium dab tools or metal dab tools are also a very common material for dab concentrates because of their high heat resistance and nearly indestructible design, the con is the price expensive. Titanium dab tools and metal dab tools are suitable for harder concentrates such as crushing or crystallizing.

  • Other types of dab tools

Dabber carp cap combination tool

The combo tool has a dabber on one end and a carb cap on the other.

With the combination, instead of reaching for individual carb caps, you can scoop up a concentrate and put it into your enails, then flip it over to cover your dabs. It will reduce the amount of dab gear you have. This combination is perfect for electronic nails.

Silicone dab Container :

If you always need a place to safely store your concentrate, a silicone dab container is a solution you can go for.

They are easy to clean, maintain and aid in organization, keeping the various concentrates organized.

The containers are portable and can even be wiped down, such as when paired with a honey straw dab pen or silicone dab straws.

Dab tools kits:

If you’re not sure what kind of dab tool you need, you can try these dab tool kits, which allow you to experiment with a variety of dab tools for dabbing.

Enail dab pen with dab tool

What are the benefits of using the Dab Tool?

  1. In addition to extracting concentrates, the dab tool also offers many advantages for every dab lover.
  2. The dab tool saves you a lot of time.
  3. It is safer to use the dab tool to extract the concentrate instead of directly scooping the concentrate with your finger.
  4. Dab tool can help you control your concentrates amount
  5. Other dab tools such as glass bead/pearl, and Dabber carp cap combination tools help you fully experience the concentrate and avoid a bad flavor experience due to excessive burn.


After choosing the right dab tool for your dab device, it’s important to keep it clean frequently, as dabs come in direct contact with the sticky concentrate.

Get your dab tools and be ready to experience a great dab now!

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