Why My Dab Pen Couldn’t Be Charging?

When you find that your dab pen has no power and cannot enjoy dabbing, you want to charge the dab pen.

At this time, you suddenly found that the dab pen cannot be charged normally.

So, how to solve the problem of the dab pen not charging? RELEAFY analyzes it in detail for you.

A dab pen is popular in the market because it is easy to carry and use, but it will inevitably cause problems when charging or dabbing.

Especially if the material of the dab pen is made of older and price-friendly materials.

Reasons for not charging

  • An unsuitable power cable is used

Use the charging cable provided by the dab pen manufacturer to charge your dab pen as much as possible, and it is best not to use the fast charger, because the voltage of the fast charger is relatively high, which may not be suitable for charging your dab pen.

And whether your dab pen charging cable is properly adapted (maybe you have multiple dab pens, but their charging interfaces are inconsistent, there are USB or USB-C or TYPE-C).

Solution: Use the power cable provided by the dab pen manufacturer.

dab pen charging cable
Charge Cable
  • The dab pen’s power cable is broken

Your power cable may have broken internally due to excessive force or other reasons during use. You can try charging other devices with this cable to determine if it is a cable issue.

Solution: Buy a new adaptor power cable, and don’t use too much force when adapting the power cable to your dab pen.

Broken power cable inside the Dab pen

Another possibility is that the power cable inside your dab pen is broken.

The reason for this problem is more complicated. It may be because the dab pen is not assembled properly, or it may be because the wrong charging method and strong current cause the battery of the dab pen to burn out.

Solution: Re-solder the power cable (provided you have the equipment and technology for soldering yourself and understand the structure of the dab pen)

Button problem
  • Water in the Dab pen causes the battery to fail to charge

When you put your dab pen in your pocket and then forget to take out your dab pen and throw your clothes in the washing machine while doing laundry, or your dab pen falls into the sink, etc.

When you find that the dab pen has entered the water and cannot be charged, please do not force the power on or disassemble the dab pen.

Solution: During the warranty period, you can ask the dab pen manufacturer to apply for after-sales service.

Generally, the reputable dab pen manufacturer will provide a warranty period of at least half a year. RELEAFY’s dab pen series all provide a one-year warranty, so friends looking for a dab pen supplier don’t have to worry about the problem that the device cannot be charged and cannot be replaced.

Slidr honey straw dab pen
  • The dab pen has been used for too long, causing the battery to deplete and malfunction

All electronic devices have a lifespan, and batteries experience wear and tear over time. This is also one of the most common reasons why the dab pen battery cannot be charged.

Solution: Buy a new dab pen.  The update and iteration speed of the dab pen is fast. In order to occupy the market, dab pen manufacturers will continue to improve and produce new dab pens, so you can also re-buy and experience different dab pens.

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