Electric Honey Dab Straw VS Traditional Dab Straw

Electric dab straws are the same way to consume concentrates as traditional dab straws, but there are a few differences between the two.

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Both electric dab straws and traditional dab straws are vertical in shape, like a bee’s suction nozzle, and their consumption materials are concentrates. The difference is the structure, material, and operation.

Structure and material of Dab straw

There are two types of traditional Dab Straw: silicone dab straw and glass dab straw.

Silicone dab straw, the main body is composed of silicone, glass & titanium coils.

Silicone dab straws silicone is thicker and cheaper. However, there may also be problems with the uneven appearance of silica gel, high-temperature scalding, and impure vapor of concentrate.

silicon dab straw
silicon dab straw

Glass dab straw, the main body is composed of glass, water chamber, ceramic & quartz & titanium coil.

Glass dab straws are usually made of high-grade glass that can withstand high temperatures, but also prevent the risk of the glass shattering during dabbing due to violent transportation or thinner glass available at low prices.

glass dab straw
glass dab straw

Electric dab straw, the theme is composed of batteries, independent air channels, suction nozzles, quartz & ceramic coils, and a concentrate storage compartment.

Electric dab straws are one of the newest ways to dabbing. With its self-heating feature, you don’t need to carry a torch or other heating source with you.

electric dab straw -Slidr
electric dab straw

How does Dab Straw work?

When using traditional dab straw, it is necessary to heat the glass or titanium tip with a torch, and insert the hot tip into the concentrate for dabbing;

The electric dab straw does not require a torch to heat the tip, just press the power button and the heated tip can be used directly on the concentrate container. Some electric dab straws don’t even need to be turned on, just inhale to heat up.

Pros of Dab Straw

The traditional silicone dab straw is cheap, about $11-$20, colorful and durable.

The price of traditional glass dab straw is not very expensive, depending on the quality of the glass, and many glass dab straws have a water chamber that can make the water vapor of the concentrate purer.

Advantages of Electric Nectar Collector:

  • Easy to carry: It does not require additional heating equipment to heat the tip like traditional dab straws, so it is not limited by the venue. You can dab it anytime, anywhere;
  • Precise and stable temperature: With the electric nectar collector, you can set the ideal temperature and then use it next time without having to set and adjust it again;
  • Safer: Compared with the traditional dab straw, the electric nectar collector is safer. As long as the concentrate storage box is covered with the heating tip after use, it hardly has to worry about the chipping of the tip and the high-temperature scalding of the main body.
Electric honey dab straw
electric dab straw tip

Cons of Dab Straw

The taste of traditional silicone dab straw may not be suitable for friends who want pure concentrate steam;

The disadvantage of traditional glass dab straws is their fragility. Some dab straw manufacturers even use a suitcase to protect the glass dab straw.

Common disadvantages of silicone dab straw and glass straw:

  • They all require you to spend money to buy an external heating source to use, so you need to carry an additional heating source when using them
  • They have no way to adjust the temperature uniformly, the temperature of their tip is determined by the time you heat the tip, and the temperature of the tip may be different each time
  • Their heated tips are exposed and don’t have a protective case, you may get burnt by the heated tip, and it may also shatter after the tip is dropped on the ground.

The disadvantage of the electric nectar collector is that its price is more expensive than the traditional dab straw. The price of the nectar collector is generally around 25-60 depending on the function and brand.

Another downside is that it needs to be charged, and if you need to go out for a long time, you need to carry a charger and charging cable.

Now that you are familiar with the differences between electric dab straws and traditional collectors, you can have a clearer idea of your options. If you want to try the advantages of electric dab straws, please contact the RELEAFY team.

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