Dab Pen Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts of Vaping in Public

The popularity of the dab pen, also known as wax pen, has been on the rise in recent years. These portable devices offer a discreet and convenient way to enjoy various substances, including cannabis concentrates. However, as with any form of public consumption, it is essential to practice proper etiquette when using a dab pen.

In this blog, RELEAFY will delve deeper into the dos and don’ts of dabbing in public to ensure a respectful and responsible experience for everyone involved.

Dos of Vaping in Public with a Dab Pen

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

When using a dab pen in public, it’s crucial to be aware of your surroundings and considerate of others nearby. Avoid vaping in crowded areas where non-smokers or children may be present. Choose designated smoking areas or secluded outdoor spaces where your vapor won’t bother others.  Respecting these boundaries not only demonstrates good manners but also helps maintain a positive image for the vaping community as a whole.

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings via dabbing

Practice Discretion

One of the key advantages of a dab pen is its discreet nature. Take advantage of this feature by keeping your vaping sessions low-key. Avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself by being mindful of your actions and ensuring your clouds of vapor don’t disrupt the atmosphere around you.

Respect the Rules and Regulations

Different places have varying rules and regulations regarding dabbing in public. Familiarize yourself with local laws and adhere to them. If vaping is prohibited in a particular area, respect the rules and find a more appropriate location to enjoy your dab pen.

Ask for Permission

In situations where you’re unsure whether it’s acceptable to dab, it’s always best to ask for permission. If you’re indoors or in a private establishment, seek consent from the owner or staff members. By doing so, you demonstrate respect for others’ boundaries and create a more positive vaping experience for everyone involved.

Be Prepared for Reactions

Not everyone will have a positive attitude towards dabbing, regardless of your adherence to etiquette guidelines. Some people may still be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the concept. If you encounter disapproving or questioning looks, it’s important to remain calm and composed. Avoid confrontations and instead focus on being a responsible vaper, reinforcing a positive image of the dabbing community.

Practice Proper Dabbing Techniques

To minimize the impact of your dab pen usage on those around you, practice proper dabbing techniques. Take short draws, hold the vapor briefly in your lungs, and exhale discreetly. By following these techniques, you can reduce the amount of vapor exhaled and minimize the chances of inconveniencing others.

dab pen

Be Mindful of Odor

While dab pens are generally less odorous than other forms of smoking, there can still be a subtle scent associated with dabbing. Even if it’s not as strong as traditional smoking, be considerate of those around you who may be sensitive to smells. If you’re in close proximity to others, try to keep the vapor directed away from them to minimize any potential discomfort.

Do Practice Good Hygiene

Dabbing with a dab pen involves putting your mouth on the device, so it’s crucial to prioritize good hygiene. Regularly clean and maintain your pen according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure optimal performance and prevent any buildup of residue or bacteria. Additionally, avoid sharing your dab pen with others, as it can contribute to the spread of germs. Practicing good hygiene not only benefits your own health but also shows consideration for others who may come into contact with your device.

Dispose of Waste Properly

Just like any other form of smoking, dabbing with a dab pen generates waste that needs to be disposed of responsibly. Avoid littering by properly discarding used cannabis boxes, packaging, and any other dabbing-related waste. Look for designated bins or trash receptacles to maintain cleanliness in public areas.

Do Educate Others

Dab pens and dabbing, in general, can still be unfamiliar territory for many people. If someone approaches you with curiosity or concern, take the opportunity to educate them respectfully. Explain the basics of your device, its purpose, and the difference between dabbing and smoking. By promoting understanding and answering questions, you can help dispel misconceptions and foster a positive perception of dabbing.

Don’ts of Dabbing in Public with a Dab Pen

Don’t Dab in Restricted Areas

One of the most important rules of dab pen etiquette is to avoid dabbing in restricted areas. Places such as airplanes, public transportation, schools, hospitals, and government buildings typically have strict policies against dabbing. Respect these rules to maintain a positive public image for vapers as a whole.

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Don’t Assume Everyone Is Familiar with Dab Pens

While dab pens have become more commonplace, it’s essential to remember that not everyone is familiar with these devices. Avoid making assumptions about others’ knowledge or comfort level with dabbing.

Be prepared to answer questions politely and provide information without being condescending or dismissive. By doing so, you can foster an atmosphere of respect and understanding, helping to combat any negative stereotypes associated with dabbing.

Don’t Exhale Large Clouds of Vapor

While producing thick clouds of vapor might be satisfying for some, it’s essential to consider the comfort of those around you. Exhaling large amounts of vapor in crowded public spaces can be intrusive and unpleasant for non-smokers. Opt for discreet exhales to minimize the impact on others.

Don’t Dab in Close Proximity to Nonsmokers

Although dabbing is generally considered less harmful than smoking, it’s important to remember that some individuals may still have sensitivities or allergies to certain substances or vapors.

Avoid dabbing in close proximity to nonsmokers or individuals who may be particularly vulnerable, such as pregnant women, the elderly, or individuals with respiratory conditions. Being considerate of others’ well-being helps maintain a harmonious and inclusive environment for everyone.

Don’t Dab in Close Proximity to Others

Maintain a respectful distance from individuals who might not appreciate the presence of vapor. Even if dabbing is permitted in a specific area, be mindful of the personal space of others.

Stepping away from crowds and maintaining a reasonable distance shows consideration for those who may not share your enthusiasm for dabbing.

Don’t Use Strong Aromas

Some concentrates used in dab pens can have potent and distinct aromas. While you may enjoy the fragrance, others may not share the same sentiment. To avoid inconveniencing those nearby, refrain from using concentrates with strong scents in public spaces.

Don’t Dab and Drive

Dabbing, just like any other form of impaired driving, can be dangerous and illegal. The use of a dab pen while operating a vehicle can impair your judgment, reaction time, and overall focus, jeopardizing your safety and that of others on the road.

Always prioritize responsible decision-making and refrain from dabbing while driving. If you need to use your dab pen, find a safe place to pull over and do so responsibly.

Don’t Overdo It

Moderation is key when it comes to dabbing in public. Excessive use of a dab pen can not only affect your own well-being but also create a negative image for other vapers.

Avoid chain-dabbing or using your pen excessively, as it can draw unnecessary attention and give the impression of substance abuse. Enjoy your sessions responsibly and with consideration for those around you.


Using a dab pen in public requires adherence to proper etiquette to ensure a positive dabbing experience for both yourself and others. By following the dos and don’ts outlined in this article, you can maintain respect for your surroundings, promote understanding, and contribute to a positive perception of vaping.

Remember, responsible vaping enhances the enjoyment of everyone involved while minimizing the impact on the public space we share.

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