How To Talk To Your Child About Vaping?

Although marijuana is legal now, the age at which it is legal to buy vaping products still varies from state to state. It is a fashion trend for young people to use fancy vaping, and more and more young people are using vaping.

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Their parents are concerned about this habit and worried that the topic will provoke them to resentment, RELEAFY suggests that parents can easily talk to them, but also let them have a deeper understanding of vaping. easily talk to them, but also let them have a deeper understanding of vaping.

Tips to Consider Before Conversation

1. Volume and emotional control

To lower the volume, do not suddenly shout, criticize, etc., which will scare them off; likewise, maintain a smooth mood, do not show too much emotion, and make them feel they have done something wrong.

2. Opportunity for conversation

Choose a better entry point, don’t call them over very suddenly and seriously for a conversation. You can bring up the topic very casually when chatting at leisure; or when watching a video that involves Vaping-related things, you can popularize the issue of Vaping at this time. In short, make everything seem casual and don’t provoke their confrontation.

3. Start with other people’s problems

You can ask if you have seen other children using Vaping. What is their attitude toward their peers using vaping?


Have a conversation

1. Timeliness of the dialogue

To have a dialogue with them as soon as possible so that they can be kept up to date on Vaping-related information. Including the therapeutic effects of vaping as well as its addictive properties.

2. Patient listening

Be friendly and listen to their ideas, don’t judge their approach; don’t be impatient with their explanations; be able to make them feel that you want to communicate with them, not question and criticize them.

3. Know why

Learn to understand why they use Vaping.

Is it because Vaping itself attracts them? Or is it because of peer pressure? Or is it because of other objective reasons?

4. Always maintain smooth communication

Don’t be reassured after one conversation, but always keep smooth communication. If you encounter new problems, they are welcome to communicate with you at any time, and you can also take the initiative to ask them about the recent situation, to enhance your relationship.

5. Do not need to get a positive answer

After the conversation, we don’t necessarily need to get a positive answer from the child. In conversation after conversation, he can judge himself, make his own choices, and make what he feels is the right decision.

Whether your child is using Vaping, is curious, or has never been exposed to them, as parents you can use this as an opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with your child.

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