How to Use Dab Pen?

If you’re new to dabbing and have just acquired your first dab pen, you might be wondering how to use it correctly. Fear not, as we have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you get started on your dabbing journey and make the most of your dab pen.

RELEAFY guides you to using the dab pen step-by-step.

How to use the dab pen?

To use a dab pen, load your concentrate, power it on, inhale gently while pressing the button, and enjoy the flavorful vapor.

Mastering the use of a dab pen becomes a breeze once you become familiar with it.

Let’s start step by step as below.

Full Charge Battery

Dab pen devices will be charged before shipment out from the factory, but the power will be consumed after a period of transportation. The dab pen device needs energy to heat up the coil to melt the polymer. It will still heat up and heat the concentrates while the power is low, but it is not enough to get the best vaping experience.

So when you want to use the device, please charge it first. Plug the USB charger into the pen’s charging port and connect it to a power source.

The indicator light breathes in the color of current battery life when charging, and lights off when fully charged. Once fully charged, disconnect the charger and you’re ready to go.

RELEAFY NOTED: Please do NOT use the dab pen while charging.

RELEAFY Torch2.0
charging for your dab pen

Loading Chamber

After the dab pen device has finished charging, you can take off the chamber and use the dab tool to put little concentrates in the chamber and put the mouthpiece cap back on the device.

This step isn’t easy, you can dab the concentrates into the chamber, and avoid poking the heating chamber.

Don’t worry about this, RELEAFY all devices provide the dab tool to make it easy to get the right amount of concentrates without damaging the dab pen heating chamber.

Don’t overload the chamber, or you will run the risk of clogging and/or excess concentrates melting and leaking – you won’t get a good vaping experience, and doing so will shorten the life of the chamber and make cleaning difficult.

RELEAFY Dab Pen Torch2.0

Power On the Dab Pen

Choose the heating chamber (ceramic or quartz) according to your favorite, and dab in the concentrates.

Quickly click the button 5 times to turn it on and switch the voltage/temperature by clicking the button 3 times in 2s, the indicator light will indicate that the device is turned on.

RELEAFY Heating Chamber

Adjust Temperature (If Applicable)

Some dab pens come with temperature control features, allowing you to adjust the heat settings for different concentrates. If your dab pen offers this option, choose your desired temperature. Lower temperatures preserve flavor, while higher temperatures produce more intense vapor. Click the button 3 times and adjust the temperature or voltage according to different needs.

Begin Vaporizing

Once your dab pen is powered on and ready, please put the mouthpiece to your lips and inhale the nebulized cannabis oil.

You can start with a small puff as the concentrate can be very effective and then move up to fill your lungs more as you feel the cannabinoid hitting you too. Release the dab pen button a few seconds before you finish your inhalation to clear the extra vapor from the chamber. Then as you exhale, you can see the vapor cloud and taste the steam. Press and hold the button again each time you wish to inhale, remembering to adjust your speed and your preferred mode for the best vaping experience.

Learning how to use the dab pen correctly is essential for beginners to avoid vaping.

RELEAFY Torch 2.0 dab pen


Keeping your dab pen clean and tidy is an important factor in a good vaping experience.

The main parts that need to be cleaned are the mouthpiece and the heating chamber. Remove all parts before cleaning, and have cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol ready.

Clean your dab pen regularly (every 1-2 weeks).

Battery: Turn off the battery. Remove the connection ring and clean it and the battery with a cotton swab or alcohol pad.

Heating chamber: Clean with a Q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol with a cotton swab, or soak in isopropyl alcohol.

Mouthpiece: Soak it in isopropyl alcohol and dry it completely.

Airflow Path: Soak it in isopropyl alcohol and dry it completely, or clean it with the brush in the box.


Keep your dab pen upright when loaded. The concentrates are thin when heated, and if the pen is placed sideways, the concentrates can spill out of the heating chamber causing waste.

Remember to cap the pen and keep it upright if you don’t need it for a long time.

To protect the battery, don’t charge it overnight, and don’t leave the dab pen in a dead battery state. With proper maintenance, your dab pen can last for years.

Replacement parts

Chamber needs to be replaced from time to time. This is related to the frequency of use – long-term frequent use of the pen will usually replace the chamber in a few months, while users who use it less frequently may replace the chamber only once a year. You need to replace the chamber when you feel the taste is not pure or the cloud is very small when vaping. You can find alternative chambers through your local vaping store or in our online shopping mall. If you cannot find a suitable chamber, please contact us. After the replacement, your dab pen will go back to normal operation.


Whether you’re using your dab pen for entertainment or otherwise, don’t be afraid to try it. After reading the RELEAFY blog you can understand how they are used and where they are best suited.

Keep the heart of exploration, RELEAFY wishes you will get more feelings on the way to experience the dab pen.

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