RELEAFY CYBER, Small In Size With A High Degree Of Functionality

RELEAFY, we’re focusing on on-the-go herb & wax vaporizers, and also provide one-stop cannabis vaping solutions to our clients. Today announced the launch of CYBER, a 510 vape mod battery with a high degree of functionality.


RELEAFY CYBER is a 510-threaded vape battery, compatible with oil cartridges of resistance ≥0.8Ω. This battery features the widest voltage range, from 1.2V to 4.2V, to allow you to customize the perfect vape.

With a tiny triangle body, it’s still equipped with a 400mAh battery, an OLED display, and three buttons, to get you access to multiple functions easily.

Offering to preheat function, adjustable session timer, and puffs record, the CYBER battery will give you a more premium vaping experience.



  • Adjustable Voltage

Apply the +/- button to adjust voltage accordingly 0.1 volts at a time

  • Wide Voltage Range

With the voltage low to 1.2V, you can vaporize rosin at a better temperature

  • Adjustable Session Timer

According to your usage habit, adjust session time between 3s and 30s

  • Puffs Record

Click the power button 3 times to enter the setting of puff record clearing

  • Tiny But Powerful

Small in size, but with a high degree of functionality

  • OLED Display

Digital OLED screen provides you with all the relevant vaping data

CYBER Features


Size: 2.17*0.88*0.90in

Capacity: 400mAh

Voltages: 1.2-4.2V

Charging Time: 1 Hour

Cartridge Compatibility: Resistance ≥0.8Ω

Colors: CYBER Blue, CYBER Red

CYBER Specification



1*USB-C Cable

1*User Manual

If you are in the market for a 510 battery that is compact, portable, well-designed, and has adjustable voltage, you can try the RELEAFY CYBER battery.

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