As we all know, different cannabinoids and terpenes have different boiling points. Thus, it is important to find out the right temperature when it comes to dabbing with vaporizers. So far, there are many portable dab vaporizers on the market claiming to support temperature adjustment, however, what they actually can do is adjust the voltage output, which is an unsatisfactory solution as it can affect the temperature but is not be able to keep it stably.

So what exactly are voltage control and temp control? Why is the temp control a superior solution to voltage control?

No matter voltage control or temp control, they are both achieved via the internal circuitry of the dab vaporizer. Voltage control allows users to regulate the output power by keeping the device working under a fixed voltage. For example, if you set the voltage to be 3.1V, then the device will keep working under 3.1V no matter how much power remains in the battery. That is to say, the output voltage is fixed once you select a voltage setting. Temp control works in the same way, except how it controls is based on temperature rather than voltage.

Voltage control can’t keep temp fixed because when the device works under the fixed output power, the temperature will keep climbing up. Basically, the higher voltage, the faster the temperature climbs up. That is to say, though voltage control can affect the temperature of the device, it can’t keep the temperature stable. What it can do is control the speed of temperature climbing. Due to this feature, many products on the market that support voltage control are promoted to be able to control output temperature precisely, with no one finding out anything wrong with it.

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RELEAFY Torch dab pen is brought to the market as the first portable wax vaporizer that realizes precise temp control in the true sense. Temp control is perfect for flavor chasers, as it is capable of vaporizing the concentrates at a stable temperature. Torch dab vaporizer offers three pre-set temp ranging from 450℉ to 550℉, making it work well with all types of concentrates, such as shatter, budder, rosin, crumble, distillates, diamonds, and so on. Besides temp control mode, the Torch dab pen is now upgraded to support voltage output mode, which also offers three heating settings 3.0V – 3.5V – 4.0V. We upgrade Torch because we believe Torch vaporizer should be a device for everyone, no matter whether flavor chasers or cloud chasers.

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