The Ultimate Guide- Dab Pen VS Dab Rig

Vaping has become more and more popular with the liberalization of the US policy, which has caused people’s demand to continue to increase.

Under the action of the market, all kinds of new equipment are constantly emerging, making people dazzled.

As a novice, it is a big difficulty to choose which equipment to operate. Next, RELEAFY will focus on the analysis of the dab pen and dab rig.

What is a dab pen?

A dab pen is mainly a kind of vaporizer for evaporating wax, which is mainly composed of a cigarette holder, battery, and heating chamber.

Mode of operation: The battery charges and heats the coil located in the heating chamber to a certain extent, and then the coil interacts with the wax, just like heated smeared nails contacting the wax to make it evaporate slowly. With the different needs, the dab pens developed on the market are also different, and everyone can choose a dab pen according to their preferences.

What is a dab rig?

A dab rig is mainly made of glass devices, mainly composed of a water chamber, mouthpiece, and nails.

This is the most basic configuration, and some more advanced equipment will be equipped with percolators and so on. Mode of operation: use a blowtorch to heat dabbing nails to a certain extent, put the concentrate on it to make it into steam, and then hit it through the mouthpiece, and the steam is also inhaled and enters through the water chamber lungs.

Dab pen VS Dab Rig

Similarities between dab pen and dab rig

  • Consume the same substance: the main purpose of these two is to consume the equipment produced by the concentrate, which is more commonly the cannabis wax concentrate;
  • Heating principle: Both models provide corresponding heat for the evaporating concentrate by heating the surface, and the basic principles used are similar;
  • The repetition rate of use: These two models can be used repeatedly, not disposable.

Difference between dab pen and dab rig

  • Portability: The size of the dab pen is much smaller than that of the Dab rig, which makes it very convenient for people to carry the dab pen when they go out.
  • The difficulty of operation: The device of the dab rig is relatively complicated and it takes a certain amount of time to set the suction time, while the setting of the dab pen is relatively simple, and the pleasure can be obtained quickly through battery heating.
  • Power requirements: dab pen needs to be charged for vaping, while a dab rig can be enjoyed with wax in hand without worrying about the trouble caused by a sudden power failure.
  • Fragile equipment: dab rig is generally a glass device. Once it is accidentally dropped on the ground, it cannot be used immediately. However, the material of the dab pen will be stronger, and it can be picked up and continued to be used even if it falls to the ground.

Your choice – dab pen or dab rig?

Both devices are relatively practical. Which one to choose is generally based on your own needs and preferences. Alternatively, you can also combine the dab pen with the dab rig.

combine the dab pen with the dab rig

If you have the idea of traveling, then the dab pen may be more suitable for you and more convenient to carry.

However, if you want a bigger hit, I’d recommend going for the dab rig, which produces the strongest hit and the biggest cloud on the exhale.

I hope this article can give some help to novices, so that they can clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of dab pen and dab rig, and make a more suitable choice for them.

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