Do You Want To Know The Top 10 Mistakes Most Dab Pen Buyer Make?

More and more young people use dab pens to consume concentrates, because of their portable size, fancy appearance, and various functions, dab pens are deeply loved by consumers and quickly occupy the market of young consumers.

How to choose and buy a dab pen?

For a dab pen shop buyer or a user who wants to buy a dab pen, it is easy to make the following mistakes. Let’s take a look at how to avoid these 10 mistakes.

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1. Buy an unbranded dab pen

The biggest advantage of dab pens that lack brands and brand models is that they are cheap.

But when the unbranded dab pen purchased by you or your customers breaks down, you can’t find the manufacturer of this dab pen product, can’t repair it, and can’t provide product technical support.

As a consumer, your money is wasted on an unusable dab pen;

As a dab pen shop buyer, your consumers may not trust you anymore because of this unbranded dab pen. So avoid buying dab pens without any brand, and look for brand dab pen cooperation.

2. Buy a dab pen without any warranty

The dab pen warranty period provided by each dab pen manufacturer/supplier will be different, there are 90 days/180 days/one year.

Manufacturers of dab pens with warranties indicate that they are willing to take responsibility for the quality of the product and provide protection to consumers.

When there is any problem with the dab pen, it can guarantee to provide users with a free repair or a free replacement.

If the warranty period is not provided, neither the dab pen shop nor the dab pen consumers can provide after-sales treatment methods for the purchased products.

3. Buy a dab pen according to the price

Cheap dab pens are very attractive for beginners. But the price cannot be the only deciding factor for buying a dab pen.

It is undeniable that you may spend a lot of time and energy repairing it because of the cheap dab pen you bought.

4. Buy a dab pen with no replacement parts

No matter which dab pen is in use, it may need to be maintained. At this time, you need to use certain parts to replace it.

For example heated atomizing core, mouthpiece, dab tool, etc. Having replacement parts or purchasing replacement parts can restore your dab pen to normal working condition as soon as possible after a problem occurs.

Glow 2-in-1 enail dab pen package

5. Obsolete dab pen bought during the promotion

Promotion is a method that every shop & seller will use. Consumers and shop buyers will also take advantage of the promotion period to buy dab pens or samples for the experience. It is most cost-effective to buy their favorite dab pen at a lower price than at other times.

Why do you need to be wary of dab pens bought during promotions?

Because some dab pen shops & sellers will discount products that are no longer produced, have outdated technology, and cannot be sold during the promotion period.

Therefore, whether it is dab pen shop or consumers,  you can check other customers’ comments on this product, and refer to other users’ discussions on this product in social media & forums before buying samples or products. If you have friends & family members who have used this dab pen, you can ask them about their experience to understand which dab pen you want to buy.

6. Purchased the wrong type of dab pen

Each of the dab pens designed by the dab pen manufacturer has different uses and functions & temperature adjustment design.

Some dab pens can only be used with wax concentrate, some can only be used with cannabis oil, and some can be used with both.

Dab pen store buyers & consumers need to know which dab pen is most suitable for user needs before buying.

If you are not sure, you can consult dab pen suppliers & dab pen shop sellers to provide you with advice and help you choose the right dab pen.

Torch 2.0 dab pen with wax

7. Purchase secondary assembly products

Some unfriendly dab pen manufacturers will recycle the dab pens of other manufacturers and disassemble the dab pens for secondary assembly.

Such products are easily damaged during use, and may also cause hidden dangers to your health.

8. Buy a toxic dab pen

Some dab pen manufacturers will use glue & adhesives to glue and assemble the parts of the dab pen together. Because it is easy to produce, does not need to buy too many raw materials, has fast production speed, and is price-friendly. But glues & adhesives are likely to be toxic when heated and give off weird smells when you dab.

9. Do not know the material of the atomizing core

The heated atomizing core will determine the taste this dab pen provides you. The atomizing core materials used by most dab pens are metal titanium, ceramics, and quartz. Ceramic and quartz coils are safer and can provide a purer flavor of cannabis. Some dab pen suppliers will provide replaceable coils in the package, so you should know before buying.

ceramic coil vs quartz coil

10. No product inspection certificate

For dab pen shop buyers, if you need to import large quantities of dab pens, it is best to confirm with the dab pen manufacturer whether there is a product inspection certificate before purchasing a test sample. In this way, you can know whether the product has heavy metals exceeding the standard and whether it meets the requirements for product import. A dab pen with a product inspection certificate will make your consumers feel more assured to buy.

Conclusion for buying a dab pen

Whether you are a dab pen shop buyer or a consumer, you can use the above 10 mistakes put forward by RELEAFY to avoid spending money but choosing an inappropriate dab pen.

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