What Are The New Innovations In Portable E-nails?

E-nails are an important part of the cannabis enthusiast’s vaping experience, and any concentrate needs to be heated or vaporized before it can be inhaled. Now, portable e-nails are even more popular among cannabis enthusiasts, so what are their innovations? RELEAFY gives you a breakdown of the following aspects.

What are E-nails?

E-nails is an electronic concentrate vaporizer consisting of a controller box that transfers heat by connecting directly to the coil of the dab nail. e-nails is also an accessory that is mounted on a conventional glass dab rig and can be connected to a common water pipe and a temperature control box.

What difference between e-nails and conventional dab rigs?

The traditional dab rig consists of a water gun, nail, and flashlight, where the concentrate is placed on the nail, and a butane torch is used to heat it in an attempt to achieve the optimum temperature. Overall, this is a popular but crude heating mechanism that is very difficult to control the level of output and generally overheats the nails with a dabbing. This is something that requires a certain level of expertise to achieve the perfect experience.

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E-nail, on the other hand, is an electronic device that consists of a heating element, a glass nozzle, and a power supply. It provides a precise and consistent heat to reach the optimal temperature for evaporating concentrates through the power supply and heating element.

It is a temperature control button to set the exact temperature, which is friendly for newbies and does not require much experience or a lot of time to learn.

These two fundamentally different is: for the degree of temperature control; one is through the butane torch, which needs to artificially control the temperature, will make the temperature of each dab is inconsistent, and there is no way to achieve the perfect experience; one is through the temperature setting, after finding the best temperature, you can set the temperature to the best temperature in each dab, to be able to get the perfect enjoyment.

What kinds of e-nail are there?

E-nails can be divided into Portable E-nails and Desktop E-nails, which have in common the power supply and heating element to achieve the optimum temperature for evaporating concentrates.

Portable e-nail is a smaller version of the desktop e-nails, smaller size, usually equipped with internal batteries or rechargeable batteries, is very suitable for travel equipment.

The desktop e-nails are relatively complex and diverse. Compared with portable e-nails, it requires a cable with a heating element in addition to one end, the other end is an XLR cable that is used for an A/C power run and plugged into the wall. This kind is more suitable for use at home, not for travel.

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How to use portable e-nails?

Portable e-nails are easy to operate and simple to understand.

In the first step, turn on the portable e-nails; in the second step, set the optimal temperature and wait for it to reach the optimal temperature; in the third step, place the concentrate on the nail and aspirate from the tube at the same time.

Many people like to use carbohydrate caps to cover their nails, which can add to the overall flavor and enjoy more vapor production.

What are the innovations of portable e-nails?

After a comparison with traditional dab rigs and desktop e-nails, the advantages of portable e-nails become even more apparent and its innovative nature even clearer.

  • Consistency

Portable e-nails allow for temperature consistency compared to traditional dab rigs. Finding the optimal temperature is one of the most important aspects of the application experience. Traditional dab rigs are unstable in terms of temperature control, as they are heated by a torch, which sometimes burns too quickly, causing the inhalation of excess harmful substances, and sometimes does not burn sufficiently, producing very little vapor. portable e-nails are different, as they can set the optimal temperature with the temperature control button, and by tapping at a low temperature, full vaporization is achieved, resulting in A delicious application experience.

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  • Portability

Portable e-nails are more portable than desktop e-nails. portable e-nails can rely on internal batteries or rechargeable batteries for heating, so they can be carried around, which is a great benefit for users who love to travel. Desktop e-nails, which require access to an XLR cable at one end, are used to run A/C power and plug into the wall, not portable, is required in a specific environment – home, it is also more bulky, so the portability of desktop e-nails is not as strong as portable e-nails.

  • Safer

Traditional dab drills use a butane torch to heat the nails, which can easily burn the user if not done properly. portable e-nails use a power supply and heating element to heat the nails, which does not produce any gas and does not cause injury to the user.

  • Easy to use

Portable e-nails are easier to use than traditional dab drills and desktop e-nails. portable e-nails provide a simple battery unit, heating element, and glass nozzle, just turn on the unit, set the optimal temperature, wait for the unit to reach the set temperature, and enjoy. Traditional dab rigs take a lot of time to heat the process, while desktop e-nails require more accessories and can only be operated in places with electrical outlets, making them somewhat restrictive for locations.

  • Long usage time

Portable e-nails require less power and can be used continuously for hours on a single charge, allowing users to enjoy tapping without random interruptions. Compared to the traditional dab rig, can reduce the use of energy, and can get a good experience.

  • High-end Chamber materials

Current portable e-nail dab pen’s chambers are usually made from quartz or ceramic materials, both produce better flavor, and distribute heat more evenly. It can retain heat between vaping so the device doesn’t have to work as hard. The materials are also durable and resistant to debris that can interfere with taste and performance.

While it can be daunting for newcomers to start with desktop e-nails or traditional dab rigs, portable e-nails are easy to use and suitable for beginners. portable e-nails are invading the world of cannabis enthusiasts step by step with their innovation.

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