What To Do If Your Wax Pen Keeps Blinking

Portability is a theme that people are increasingly keen on these days, being able to access the most comprehensive information with the simplest of operations.

When it comes to wax pens, people may be more concerned about their indicator system, a simple indicator signal can convey a lot of information, which may be based on the number of blinks or blink color to determine whether it needs to be charged, or other warnings. Faced with these warnings, how do deal with them?

RELEAFY gives you a list of some causes and solutions below:

  • 1. Need to charge

When the wax pen blinks red incessantly, the most common and easy-to-solve problem is the warning that the wax pen needs to be charged. Usually, when you buy a wax pen, it comes with a charging cable, so when the wax pen warns that the battery is low, you can use the charging cable that matches the wax pen to charge it and avoid the hassle of a mismatched charging cable. Also pay attention to the voltage of the wax pen you buy, charging at the right voltage can make the wax pen more durable and long-lasting.

How to solve the problem of needing to recharge: First of all, read the manual of the wax pen immediately after you buy it, and get from it how long it takes to recharge the vaping. Based on this time, you can determine approximately when you can recharge the wax pen and solve the problem of the wax pen blinking in advance.

  • 2. Battery installation is not in place

If you follow the instructions to charge the wax pen, but still appears wax pen blinking constantly, then you should consider other factors that cause the indicator to blink. You can check to see if the battery is not installed in place to cause the battery is not charged, or not connected to your wax pen, is what we call a loose battery, if not tightened, its indicator will keep blinking.

In the face of the battery, installation is not in place, how to solve this: first, the wax pen battery and related parts are disassembled; then, the battery connection and the surrounding area with a cotton swab to carefully wipe, to prevent the presence of dirt; finally, in the battery and all the parts are installed back tightened.

wax pen indicator light flash
  • 3. Mismatched components

Apart from battery-related reasons, one reason that is easily overlooked is the purchase of mismatched components that cause wax pen incompatibility. Like some replacement coils or atomizer cartridges with lower resistance, many wax pens will give a warning.

Faced with mismatched components, how should I solve it: this problem is relatively simple, is to buy coils that can make the wax pen compatible, just pay a little attention to the coil or atomizer core resistance level when you buy.

  • 4. Dirt inside the power button

With the use of a wax pen for a long time, dirt will also unknowingly enter the wax pen, especially when some small gaps are most likely to collect dirt. Power button gaps are the most, when this dirt into a long time to press the power button, the inside of the dirt just stuck, causing the indicator to blink non-stop.

The face of the power button in the dirt, how should I solve it: this time you need to take a cotton swab or a clean cotton cloth to gently wipe the power button around the seam and other places.

  • 5. Product built-in security features

Every wax pen is designed with a safety feature in mind when it comes to functionality. When a problem arises with the wax pen, it will trigger its safety feature and the indicator will keep blinking. Different brands of wax pens have different designs, so the reason why the safety function is triggered is not the same. Therefore, after eliminating the above 4 reasons, the wax pen still blinking, you need to check the manual or related after-sales service. It is not safe to use the wax pen while it is blinking.

Speaking of wax pens, it is necessary to talk about the reason for the blink of SLIDR honey straw dab pen (wax pen) under RELEAFY.

The first 4 reasons and the way of operation apply to the regular wax pen, but the 5th reason: is the product’s built-in safety function in this piece. SLIDR honey straw dab pen is designed to promote safety function, mainly when the atomizer (similar to the coil above) short-circuits or opens the circuit, its indicator will flash non-stop. Also, remind users who buy the SLIDR honey straw dab pen to stop using it immediately if they encounter this situation and contact RELEAFY’s after-sales service to solve the problem and then enjoy it happily.

Slidr honey straw dab pen indicator codes
Slidr honey straw dab pen indicator codes

The above article has put most of the reasons why wax pen appears blinking, to give you a list, if there is still a blinking problem not solved.

Welcome to leave a message to RELEAFY, let’s discuss this together.

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