How Much Does A Wax Pen Usually Cost?

Before the advent of wax pens, people who smoked marijuana would choose to ignite marijuana flowers or grind marijuana into powder and inhale.

But you must pick the stems, use a grinder, hand roll, and deep clean the bong. There are also many differences between the smoking method and the vaping method, see this article for details.

In recent years, as people pay more and more attention to health and vaping hobbies, there are also many wax pens that come out from time to time.

They have different prices, functions, colors, and styles. Some wax pens are more complicated than others, and also more expensive than others.

Not only are beginners scratching their heads and making up their minds when choosing, but veterans will also be confused in the world of many wax pens, wondering if the price matches the device.

RELEAFY would like to provide all the factors that will affect the price of the wax pen.

the wax pens usually cost

Factors Affecting Cost

While wax pens are gorgeous on the outside and incredibly versatile, it’s easier to see how much you’re going to spend when you know what to look for.

You don’t need to be a super techie to buy a wax pen. Below is a list of factors that affect the cost of e-cigarettes and what to consider before investing:

  • Design

Judging from the wax pens on the market, wax pens come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Portable electronic cigarette pens are popular for their handheld design, making them ideal travel and outing companions.

High-quality vape pens cost more for their durability, functionality, and battery life.

The more complex the design and the more diverse the colors, the higher the price.

  • Operating mode

There are two working modes of the wax pen: temperature control & pressure control.

At present, most of the temperature control of the wax pen on the market is really controlled by voltage regulation. Most of the wax pen on the market that advertises their own temperature and pressure regulation modes are still realized by voltage control.

So when choosing, be sure to ask whether this wax pen can work through the real temperature control mode. Please refer to this product for details.

Torch-working mode
Temp control mode and voltage control mode
  • Heating method

The heating method of the wax pen is the heating of the atomizing core, which belongs to conduction heating.

For this heating method, you will find that the atomized material is in direct contact with the atomizer or heating element.

  • Battery life and standby time

Battery life is also affected by many factors—the battery’s cell material, heating settings, concentrate viscosity, consumption habits, and even cold weather all determine how long a wax pen battery standby.

Wax pens have removable or integrated batteries that can be used for charging.

Batteries with higher mAh (milliamp-hours) capacities last longer and therefore cost more, and the size of the wax pen will be larger.

  • Accessories

In order to enhance your vaping experience and use favorability, most wax pen suppliers will add other accessories to the package: charging cables, scoops, cleaning brushes, additional heating cores, etc. In order to diversify the use of wax pens, starter kits are also available, which can be equipped with batteries, chargers, glass blowers, glass rods, silicone hose, glass mouthpiece, etc., depending on the wax pen supplier’s design.

These kits are great for beginners as they contain everything you need to start vaping.

Torch with silicon hose
Torch 2.0 dab pen with silicon hose
  • Brand

It has to be said that those very famous brands of wax pens will have their wax pen products more expensive than other wax pen suppliers.

In addition to quality assurance, another very important reason is that they need to pay huge publicity and advertising costs.

Additional costs associated with a wax pen

Your payment for a wax pen may start to increase as you look at these additional fees:

Charging cable: $3-$5

Most wax pens come with a charging cable, but some models may not. USB or type-C interface cables are compatible with many chargers.

Wax pen holder: $5-$30

If you do not plan to take the wax pen outdoors and want to put the wax pen at home, but it is not suitable to place it horizontally, you need a wax pen stand holder to help you place the wax pen vertically.

Cleaning tools: under $10

Vape leaves a black residue after continuous use. Cleaning your wax pen is important for safety reasons, and regular maintenance can also make your wax pen last longer. Rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, and small brushes can keep you and your vape looking its best.

Lower Quality Alternatives: Uncontrollable Changes

With a pricier wax pen, you get the quality you pay for. The cheaper the wax pen you buy, the greater the chance that you may not get a better vaping experience and that you will need to replace the wax pen, replace accessories, or batteries.

How to save money on buying a wax pen?

  • The pursuit of quality

We understand why people choose to buy a cheap wax pen, but when you consider the long-term cost of replacing a defective part, it’s better to go for quality over quantity.

This means choosing a long-lasting vaporizer, even if it costs more, to ensure optimal vape function.

  • Warranty

A wax pen with a warranty will save you money if your battery stops working.

There are some wax pen suppliers that only provide warranty service for the battery system, not the accessories.

There are also some suppliers that provide free replacement of the new wax pen warranty service. Need to know before buying.

RELEAFY wax pen
a wax pen


  • How much does a vape pen usually cost?

RELEAFY has collected wax pen prices in recent years, ranging from $25 to $300 depending on the brand and features.

Of course, the wax pen/dab pen wholesaler’s price will be lower than the retailer’s.

  • Are smoking or vaping cheaper?

Since people’s smoking/vaping habits vary widely, there is no one straight answer.

That said, vaping may be more cost-effective given the higher concentrations of THC and CBD, because you may feel the effects of vaping more strongly than smoking and need less marijuana to “get you there”.

  • What are the financial costs of a wax pen?

The cost depends on your budget. If you have a $100 budget, you can buy a better quality wax pen along with batteries, chargers, and accessories and have everything you need for a great experience.


Before you buy a wax pen, you need to weigh your options and review your budget. Try a pricier, higher-quality wax pen vaporizer that will last longer than cheap disposable models.

Welcome to contact RELEAFY sales to know more details about wax pen/dab pen’s wholesale price or retailer price.

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