Why Does My Wax Pen Taste Like Metal?

With the gradual legalization of cannabis in some parts of the United States in recent years, we will find more and more containers for cannabinoids, and a variety of vaporizers to better meet the needs of people’s discerning tastes.

But it doesn’t mean that all vaporizers are perfect, very often you will hear feedback that their wax pen tastes a bit like metal. For this phenomenon, RELEAFY discusses with you.

When taste buds and metal collide

People are always immersed in good enjoyment, one second, your taste buds are still full of rich flavor, and the next second, a full metal taste is suddenly filled. Instantly, destroying all the good feelings, this vaping experience makes people revolt.

At this time, people will wonder why their wax pen will have a metallic smell, is the wax pen broken? Or is the wax pen of bad quality?


Why does my wax pen taste like metal?

Through a more comprehensive understanding, it was found to have four causes.

  • External reasons: brand new wax pen

Generally, the newly purchased wax pen has its coil at the beginning of the use of the metallic smell, but it will slowly disappear after 1-2 uses, which is normal.

  • Their operating reasons: wax pen power supply is not set properly

When we use the wax pen, if we do not pay special attention to the material of the coil, it is easy to set the power supply at too high a temperature, exceeding its hot spot, resulting in the smell of metal all over the place.

  • The problem of the device itself: the coil and the core suction problem
Slidr with Silicon hose

Coil problem: Some wax pen products are of relatively poor quality, and the coil it comes with is not of good quality, so after vaping for a while, it is easy to produce and wear; there is also a high resistance or precision coil that is also prone to wear. The wear and tear of the coil is an important reason for the metallic smell of the vaporizer.

Core suction problem: When it comes to coils, we also think of core suction. If the core suction material is accidentally displaced, worn out, dry (without sufficient air circulation), or too much in the coils, it will cause a metallic taste. In addition to the core suction operation, the quality of the core suction material itself: poor quality material or poor air permeability itself is also a very important reason for the metallic taste.

  • Residue coverage problem

When we vape, the coil can easily leave a residue with a burnt taste. If not treated accordingly, the residue will be covered during the second vaping session and will produce a metallic taste that fills the mouth.

dab pen high feeling

By understanding the causes of metallic odor from wax pen and making solutions according to the corresponding causes.

  1. If the coil is brand new: you can use low power to slowly go to pulse a few times, and you will find that the smell of metal is gone.
  2. If you encounter your operational reasons: carefully understand the material of the coil, set the power supply to match the coil material, and perform satisfactory vaping at the best temperature.
  3. If the problem is the equipment itself: coil aspect – do not buy poor quality coil, but also do a good job of diligently changing the coil, or choose stainless steel coil, to be able to obtain a better taste. Core suction – also pay attention to the quality of the core suction material when buying, also often check the core suction shift, wear and tear, etc., to make certain adjustments or replacements.
  4. Residue coverage problem: You can clean the coils with a metallic taste by buying concentrates and rinsing them a few more times to make them taste a little purer.

The wax pen is a relatively easy vaporizer to handle for the novice. But improper handling can easily produce a bad experience, just like the metallic taste produced as mentioned above. But don’t worry.

RELEAFY gives you an analysis of the causes and also proposes solutions so that when you use it, you will be able to well avoid generating the above problems and enjoy wax pens better.

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