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Traveler's Dabbing Guide

Traveler’s Dabbing Guide

Driving in an RV has become a way that many adventurers are chasing after. What if you want to take your favorite dab pen on a trip? Traveling with dab pens, accessories, and cannabis concentrates can get you in trouble…

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FAQs for dabbing

FAQs for Dabbing

Dabbing is a relatively new way of consuming cannabis, and RELEAFY has collected many questions about dabbing from cannabis dabblers. Check out the following if you’re interested in trying dabs or if you have more information to learn. What types…

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Pros and Cons of Dabbing

Traditional cannabis consumption is typically through rolled cigarettes, water pipes, empty cigars, and edible products. However, a new way to manage marijuana has emerged, called dabs. Dabbing has become a very popular trend, the age range of dab-lovers includes trendy…

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celebrate 710

Let’s Celebrate 710

What is 710 DAY? 420, is cannabis culture, a number derived from a 1971 program to find discarded cannabis crops. Then 710 is a festival belonging to OIL. The reason is very simple. If you look at OIL upside down,…

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